TMC has the lead from the Patashpur constituency.

Live 2021 Para election result with Headlines India. Check out the latest updates and Para previous assembly election results. Umapada Bauri from AITC party is the current MLA from the Para constituency seat of Purulia district in West Bengal.

Headlines India gives you the live updates on Para election result of Purulia district from West Bengal assembly elections 2021. Get the data of Para previous assembly election results too. AITC party has won the Para seat in last assembly elections. The M candidate, Umapada Bauri is the current MLA of the Para constituency seat is from AITC party. The runner-up for Para assembly seat was Dinanath Bauri from CPM party. Para seat is reserved for SC category. The current CM of West Bengal is Mamata Banerjee and the detailed results for West Bengal assembly elections 2021 will be updated by the evening on today (May 02, 2021). Check live updates and results for West Bengal state, click here.