Panaji Election Results in 2022 – Check who is the winner of Panaji, the leading candidate and all other details for Panaji MLA Vidhan sabha chunav.

Babush Monserrate of the BJP party won the Panaji seat.

Panaji Election Result 2022: The candidates contesting from the Panaji (Constituency No. 11) are ATANASIO MONSERRATE from BJP, ELVIS GOMES from INC, VALMIKI DATTA NAIK from AAP, – from Shiv Sena, – from AITC and UTPAL MANOHAR PARRIKAR INDEPENDENTLY. About the previous Panaji election result (2017)- Sidharth Sripad Kuncalienker from BJP has won the Panaji assembly seat, he got 7924 votes. Sidharth Sripad Kuncalienker has defeated Atanasio J. Monserrate from UGP who has got 6855 votes in the 2017 assembly elections.