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Monday, March 12, 2012 (14:38:30)
Tags : Delhi Police, Delhi Police on media, arrest of Mohammed Ahmed Kazmi

Delhi Police accused of muzzling press

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New Delhi, March 12: An activist group today accused Delhi Police of trying to muzzle the media by harassing journalists.

Sahmat said it was "greatly disturbed by the recent crude attempts" by police who have arrested freelance journalist Mohammed Ahmed Kazmi for his alleged links to the terror attack on an Israeli target here.

The group also condemned the entry of two policemen who were looking for smack in the house of senior journalist John Cherian on Sunday afternoon. But it was later proven the police had wrongly knocked at the door of Cherian who had recently visited Syria with Kazmi.

"Following the blatantly high-handed arrest of Kazmi, there was an attempt to enter the house of Cherian on Sunday on the specious plea of a hoax call," Sahmat said in a statement.

"These independent journalists whose professional integrity is above reproach are being targeted to create a fear psychosis."

Sahmant feared that if such attempts were not resisted, "all independent creative and scholarly activity and exchange will come under attack.

"We call upon all sections of the intelligensia to come forward to resist such attempts."(IANS)