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By Subhojit Goswami
Tuesday, February 01, 2011 (11:37:31)
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Bill Gates to talk to India's rich about Giving Pledge project

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New Delhi, Feb 1: Microsoft founder Bill Gates is coming to India in March and he comes with lots of aspirations and no serious agenda on his mind.

While talking to the media over telephone, Gates put forward his purpose of coming to India. Stating beforehand that he does not have high expectations, he added that his visit will be more of an experience sharing exercise where he will converse with the Indian billionaires about their take on philanthropy.

Bill Gates will share his personal experience during is visit.

Warren Buffet, the third wealthiest person in the world as on 2010, has been doling out his wealth for philanthropic causes mainly through the Gates Foundation. He along with few other billionaires will be in the country to encourage the rich ones to give back to the society.

Gates and Buffett held a similar discussion with Chinese business leaders in Beijing last year but that didn't yield much result. Gates clearly asserted that government policies in China must encourage philanthropy.

The duo is eyeing on India, which reportedly has more than 69 billionaires. Mukesh Ambani of Reliance Industries Ltd tops the list with a total worth of $27 billion.

Gates and Buffet had been successful in encouraging Western business magnets to contribute to the fund for 'Giving Pledge' project. They even roped in Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and AOL co-founder Steve Case in the list of 58 philanthropists.

Talking about Giving Pledge, Gates stated that the project is nothing but a commitment to give away one's wealth voluntarily.