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Wednesday, January 09, 2013 (07:38:33)
Tags : Bharatiya Janata Party, United Progressive Alliance, Jammu and Kashmir

Congress, BJP condemn killing of Indian soldiers by Pakistan troops

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New Delhi, Jan 9: The Congress and the BJP today strongly condemned the ceasefire violation and the killing of two Indian soldiers by Pakistani troops, saying the incident will have an impact on bilateral ties. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) said that talks with Pakistan should be called off while Congress said that Pakistan owes an explanation. Congress spokesperson P. C. Chacko said that the step of Pakistan troops was highly condemnable. "It is highly condemnable. Pakistan owes an explanation to India," Chacko said.

He said that this was not the first action of ceasefire violation by Pakistan and "will definitely spoil the relationship".

Chacko said the incident had come at a time when effort was being made to improve bilateral ties.

BJP spokesperson Tarun Vijay said government should "stop all talks with Pakistan".

He said the incident has exposed the "nefarious designs" of Pakistan".

"It is a slap on foolishly over-enthusiastic South Block's 'mohabbat talks'. Pakistan has proved that it is taking India for granted and this is the reply we received after giving visa to Javed Miandad," Vijay said.

"We must stop all talks with Pakistan till it comes to terms with India and UPA (United Progressive Alliance) be better reminded that unless they revive spirit of surrender of Pakistan forces in East Pakistan in 1971, this terror state is not going to listen to saner voices," he added.

Pakistani troops intruded into Jammu and Kashmir today and killed two Indian soldiers by slitting their throats.(IANS)