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Indian Superfast Trains

Indian Superfast Trains – an Introduction

Indian Railways regularly ply hundred of trains to various destinations throughout the country. Among those trains, there are a few number of super fast trains that fall under prestigious category. From a mere dozens of Indian Superfast Trains three decades back, the number of Indian Superfast Trains has now crossed 200 mark. The superfast trains of India usually run faster than the other Mail / Express trains and cover the same distance in much lesser time. Though you need to pay some supplementary surcharges for that. So, to reach a destination in a lesser time, the Indian Superfast Trains could be a better choice for you.

Which are Superfast Trains?

According to the Indian Railways, the trains which attain an average speed of 55 km an hour are called “Superfast Trains”. To mark the superfast trains, the train numbers of Indian Superfast Trains start with 2. Though it makes the destination much closer, you need to pay a Superfast Charge in order to travel on the Indian Superfast Trains. Over the past years, the Indian Railways is coverting a number of ordinary mail / express trains into superfast ones as it will generate more revenues in the form of the supplementary surcharge.

Types of Indian Superfast Trains

There are mainly three types of Indian Superfast Trains which are as below:

  • Rajdhani Expresses
  • Shatabdi and Jan Shatabdi Expresses
  • Other Superfast Mails / Expresses

Rajdhani and Shatabdi Expresses are the most renowned Indian Superfast Trains and the fastest trains in India. These are all air-conditioned trains providing luxurious and comfortable journey to the passengers. Rajdhani expresses connects various destinations with the capital of the nation and can run at a speed of about 140 km/h.

Shatabdi Expresses are air-conditioned Inter-city trains that connects the metro towns, important cities and business centers. With only seating arrangements, these superfast passenger trains of India can run at a speed of 130 km/h.

There is another variant of Shatabdi Express, known as “Swarna Shatabdi Express”, which is a more luxurious versions of trains. Jan Shatabdi Expresses are mostly non-airconditioned trains, thus a bit economical.

The rest of the Indian Superfast Trains do not have any category name and are simply known as their names. The only different of these trains with ordinary mail / express trains is that, these superfast trains run faster than the ordinary ones.

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