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International Trains from India

The historical background of India has played an important role in the commencement of international trains from India to the neighbouring countries. The International Trains from India primarily connects the neighbouring countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal. Here you will get a brief description and idea of the trains that runs across the India National Border.

International Trains from India to Bangladesh

“Maitree Express” is the International train that runs from Calcutta in India to Dhaka in Bangladesh. This train is rightly named as it is considered as a link that has helped to revive the true bond of friendship and brotherhood between the two countries. Maitree Express is a direct train and the service commenced on 14 April 2008. It is interesting to note that the service of this train will be managed by both the countries. Indian Railways and Bangladeshi Railways will share the responsibility of looking after the service and management of this train every six months. The approximate distance covered by Maitree Express is estimated at around 538 km. a stretch of 120km in India and a stretch of 418km in Bangladesh. The train will follow the border point route at Gede/Darshana. The train runs on Saturdays and Sundays every week.

International Trains from India to Pakistan

International Train to Pakistan from India follows the route line of Delhi - Amritsar – Lahore. On Mondays & Thursdays, the “Samjhota Express” starts its journey from Amritsar to Atari and further to Wagah and finally reaches Lahore. The service of the “Samjhota Express” started on 31 May 2007.

Another international route followed across the border by Indian Railways to reach Pakistan is the Delhi - Jodhpur – Karachi route. The “Thar Express” which was started on 17 February 2006 also connects India and Pakistan with its terminus at Jodhpur in India and Karachi in Pakistan via Munabao, the border area.

One can also board a train from Delhi to Amritsar and then a taxi ride for a distance of 26km will take you to the India/Pakistan border at Atari. From Atari take a walk to Wagah which lies in Pakistan. Further you have to board another taxi to reach Lahore which is situated at a distance of 20km.

Trains connecting India to Nepal

Although there is no direct International trains from India to Nepal, but break journeys take you to the Nepal quite easily and gives one an experience of a fabulous journey with beautiful sceneries all around. One can take a train from Delhi or Varanasi to Gorakhpur while traveling towards Nepal. A bus or jeep ride can be taken from Gorakhpur to the Nepal broder, Bhairawi/Sunauli. The journey takes around 2 to 3 hours time. From Sunali/Bhairawi one can take a bus to Kathmandu.

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