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Indian Railways Freight Services

Indian Railways Freight Services – an Introduction

Indian Railways Freight Services are the most profitable services for Indian Railways. It is a huge service that covers the entire network of Indian Railways. Indian Railways carries a wide range of goods throughout its vast network, ranging from parcel traffic and small assignments, raw materials, agricultural products, petroleum products, garments, and other finished goods and many more. The Indian Railways Freight Services are quite economical, and at the same time, it can carry a large quantity at a time. Indian Railways Freight Services play a major role in the development of railway network in the country as it generate a huge amount of revenue. In fact, freight services of Indian railways generate a good amount of surplus, which make up for the loss incurred for passenger services of IR.

Why go for Indian Railways Freight Services?

Indian Railways Freight Services are one of the economical ways to carry goods from one place to another, especially, if the quantity of the goods are large. Secondly, the network that the Indian Railways covers is huge. You can even reach the remote places through the railway network.

The Carriers

You can transport a wide range of goods to different places within the country through the Indian Railways Freight Services. There are different types of rakes to carry your goods. A typical full rake consists of 40 BCN wagons (2200t), while the mini rake consists of 20 BCN wagons (1100t). Indian Railways is now concentrating on entire rake assignment, rather than going for small consignments or piecemeal freight, as it doesn't require to split the wagons going to or coming from different places, and hence is more profitable.

For small consignments, there are “Parcel Vans” which are generally attached to passenger trains. The High-capacity Parcel Vans, known as “Green Parcel Vans” are used to carry fruits and vegetables. These types of parcel vans can carry 23 tonnes where as the ordinary parcel vans can carry 18t.

Refrigerated Parcel Vans are also available on a few sections. These vans can accommodate 5t of frozen goods at -20 degree Celsius and 12t of chilled goods at 4 degree Celsius.For more information on Indian Railways Freight Services, please go through the site www.headlinesindia.com.

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