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Chittaranjan Locomotive Works, Chittaranjan

Chittranjan Locomotive Works, specializes in manufacturing of electric locomotives for Indian Railways and is also one of the largest locomotives manufacturers in the world. The site for the construction of the Chittaranjan Locomotive Works was finalized in the year 1947 and the construction of the factory started in the year 1948. The site of Chittaranjan Locomotive Works was near the Mihijam station in Bihar, at a distance of 67 kilometers from Durgapur.

Establishments and Productions

In the year 1947, the construction of the Chittaranjan Locomotive Works cost Rs. 14 Crores. The Chittaranjan Locomotive Works was finally established and inaugurated in the year 1950 on January 26th in collaboration with the North British Locomotive Company. The factory started its valuable production and produced its first locomotive in the same year on the 1st of November. The then President, Honorable Dr. Rajendra Prasad dedicated this first steam rail-engine to Deshabandhu Chittaranjan Das and named the locomotive “Deshabandhu”. The first production was a WG class locomotive and had the registration number 8401.

Some important productions and dates

This factory became one of the major producers of steam locomotives. Chittaranjan Locomotive Works started with the manufacturing of electric locomotives in the year 1961. Then the factory also went ahead to manufacture AC electric Locomotives. In the year 1967-68, Chittaranjan Locomotive Works started manufacturing diesel-hydraulic shunters. This factory produced BG and MG steam locomotives till the year 1972. In the year 1994, the factory stopped the production of diesel locomotives. Since 1994, the company is into manufacturing only electric rail-engines at present the factory offers traction motors, steel foundry and steel castings for steam locomotives.

Chittaranjan Township

The name of the factory and place was given after the famous Indian freedom fighter, Chittaranjan Das. Along with the factory, there were plans to set up a small township with schools and hospitals and colony for the staffs who will work in the factory. All these were materialized as the work on the project commenced over a land area of 7 square miles.

Production Facts of Chittaranjan Locomotive Works

  • Total number of BG and MG steam locomotives production till 1972: 2351
  • Last BG Steam Loco in India produced by CLW in 1970 on June 30th was a WG and was named “Antim Sitara”. The registration number was, 10560
  • Last MG YG class Loco was delivered in 1972 on 5th of February, registration number was 3573
  • First WCM-5 series DC locos was delivered on October 14, 1961 and was named “Lokamanya”.
  • First AC electric loco, WAG-1, delivered in the year 1963 on November 16th and was named “Bidhan”. This was also considered as the first electric locomotive that was fully built in India.
  • Manufactured WDS-4 class
  • ZDM and DM-2 units, which were diesel-electrics were also produced in the 1970s and 80s.
  • Manufactured more than 40 BG mainline diesels, 660 BG diesel shunters and 140 NG diesels.

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