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Host of Miss Universe 2008 - Vietnam

Host of Miss Universe 2008 - Vietnam

Vietnam is generally imagined through the lenses of war, but in reality it is a country filled with captivating natural beauty and tranquil village life. The S-shaped country, is located in central Southeast Asia, East of Indo-China Peninsula, South of China, East of Laos and Cambodia, and East of the Far-East Sea and Pacific Ocean.

Its highlands and rainforest regions, far from being devastated, continue to yield new species and exotic wildlife. Its islands and beaches are among the finest in all of Southeast Asia, and its cuisines are very possibly the most delicious one would ever have had. Elements of natural conditions, history and culture have highly enhanced Vietnam's potential for tourism including travel by sea, through forests and mountains, cave exploration, ancient architecture, and festivals.

Vietnam is a coastal country with over 20 beautiful but yet to be famous beaches, for instance, Tra Co, Ha Long and Do Son in the north. During winters, the weather is cold because the north Vietnam comes under the cold northern winds, however, the maritime vietnam and the southern part of the country remain warm, and places like Da Nang, Nha Trang, Vung Tau, Ha Tien are treat to eyes. Visitors here would have a chance to bathe in the sea throughout. Ha Long Bay in particular is not only a beautiful beach but also a natural wonder. There is a congregation of stone peninsulas around 1,500 square km all with different features; some are like dragons, some are like frogs and some still are like roosters.

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