Indian Navy  Accidents
INS Trishul
The INS Trishul of the “Talwar’ class missile frigate, launched on November 24th 2000 and commissioned on June 25th 2003 was severely damaged after a collision with another merchant vessel MV Ambuja Laxmi outside the Mumbai harbour on 27th December 2005.
The INS Trishul was returning after a training mission and was at the outskirts of Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust around 11 nautical miles from the Mumbai Port when an unsuspecting Ambuja Laxmi, sailing out, had a side-on collision.
After the collision, the Indian Navy Western Command has assured to keep authorities of Mumbai Port Trust (MbPT) and Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) informed about the movement of its stealth frigates.
The frigate's main feature is its stealth facility that enables it to evade radar detection. This makes it impossible for the civil vessels to locate it. Moreover, at night chances of visibility from a distance is low. The Navy is not leaving matters to chance and has set up a Board of Inquiry to ascertain cause of the accident and is working with MbPT and JNPT on the remedial measures to avoid a recurrence.
Officials at the MbPT and the JNPT claim that two hours prior information is enough for diverting civil traffic and would help in keeping the route of the stealth frigates clear.
Apparently on the fateful night in December, the naval stealth vessel not only avoided detection from the cargo vessel, it could not be traced by the radar-based Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS) installed at the MbPT. The VTMS caters to requirements of all vessels visiting the Mumbai Port, JNPT and Western Naval Command Headquarters.
According to a Navy source, naval warships while entering port find it hard to differentiate a ship from a fishing boat as it picks up all of them on its radar as multiple clusters.
Aircrafts in the Indian Navy involved in Accidents
Aircraft Type Total Lost
Seaking Mk42 4
Seaking Mk42a 1
Seaking Mk42b 3
Seaking Mk42c0
Kamov 25 1
Kamov 28 2
Chetak 19
SuperConnie 1
Illyushin38 2
Tupolev142 0
Dornier228 0
Islander 4
HAL Kiran 9
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