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Haldi Ceremony

What is Haldi Ceremony?

Haldi ceremony is a major part of the Indian wedding ceremony and is also marked by several customs as well as traditions. India is a colorful nation and most of the celebrations in India are colorful too. In India, people celebrate so many festivals and ceremonies in their own ways by following their own traditions and rituals. Haldi ceremony is one of the interesting rituals of an Indian wedding.

Ritual of Haldi Ceremony:

According to Indian culture as well as ritual, Haldi ceremony is celebrated a day before the actual wedding ceremony. On that day, the haldi paste (turmeric paste) is applied to both the bride and groom by their relatives and friends. This ceremony is celebrated individually in houses of bride and groom. Mainly female relatives or friends take part in this ceremony.

Haldi Ceremony in India:

In many castes in India, the most celebrated ritual of haldi ceremony is celebrated together with the mehendi ceremony, another interesting ceremony of an Indian wedding. Mehendi ceremony is celebrated a couple of day before the main marriage ceremony. It is little bit different from the haldi ceremony. Haldi ceremony is held in both groom and bride's place, while the Mehendi ceremony is held only in bride's place. But, sometimes it is also held in bride's place.

Reason behind the ritual of Haldi Ceremony:

In haldi ceremony, the female relatives of groom's house apply haldi on both groom and bride along with water. This ritual is also followed by several other traditions. The ritual of haldi is intended to sheer the groom of nervousness and as a good sign of fortune and prosperity.

The Haldi Ceremony:

On the day of haldi ceremony, traditionally an Indian bride has to wear yellow colored clothes (any colour except white and black). In India, the haldi ceremony is also known as Uptaan. Traditionally, this ceremony of haldi is followed in each and every marriage ceremony, so that the bride can have sparkling skin on the bright day of marriage. Moreover, it is a very interesting as well as fun filled ceremony where everybody actively takes equal part.