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Indian Panchayat Raj

Indian Panchayat Raj holds a distinctive stature and is a unique feature of the Indian Political system and adds to while talking on Facts about India. The Panchayat System is presided over by five eldest and most experienced and wise people of the village. The Panchayat Raj is more stringently followed in the villages of India. The members of the Panchayat Raj are endowed with the responsibility of looking in to and settling over the matter on any disputes between an individual and the whole village on a mutual basis.

Ancient and Efficient system of Administration

Though an ancient method of operating is followed by the Panchayat Raj, Mahatma Gandhi often recommended the Indian Administration to follow the same methodologies to execute administrative operation even in the modern age. Mahatma Gandhi was the first to advocate the decentralized government system to empower the village authorities to move on for betterment in days to come. He also was of the view that the Panchayat System should be made the basis of any sort of administration functions to be carried on in Modern India.

Decentralization of Powers

The Government of India has come up with new and reformative forms to lay more power to the Panchayat Raj. The government has taken steps to decentralize several operations at the administrative level and in a way has empowered the Panchayat System in the villages of India. In the 1950s and 60s, the Indian Government enacted the law which supports the establishment of Panchayat Raj in various constituents of the state. Later in the year 1992, the law was officially recognized as per the 73rd amendment made in the Indian Constitution. This amendment speaks in support of power decentralization and empowering the Panchayat with several responsibilities. The decentralization of power as is said will definitely help in the betterment of the village both economically and socially if all the twenty-nine subjects enlisted in the eleventh schedule of the Indian constitution is executed properly.

Funds for the Panchayat Raj

The Panchayat of a village receive funds from three main sources, which are funds for implementation of centrally-sponsored schemes, local body grants under and as recommended by the Central Finance Commission and funds from the state governments as per the recommendations of the State Finance Commissions.