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Offences Affecting the Human Body

Offences affecting life is the integral part of the act Offences Affecting the Human Body, mentioned in the Indian Penal Code. Offences Affecting the Human Body are an important act of Indian Penal Code that includes various aspects of crime causing death. Here you can see all the crime factors that are included among the Offences Affecting the Human Body.

  • Culpable Homicide: According to act 299, if a person is causing death with the intension of causing death by creating some bodily injury, then it will be considered as the offence of culpable homicide.
  • Murder: According to act 300, murder is also counted among the Offences Affecting the Human Body and if it is done with proper intension, then it will be considered as a punishable act.
  • Punishment for murder: According to act 302, if a person commits murder shall be punished with death.
  • Punishment for culpable homicide: According to act 304*, if a person commits culpable homicide, shall be punished.
  • Rash or negligent causing death: according to act 304A, if a person causes the death of any person by doing negligence, shall be punished.
  • Abetment of suicide of child or an insane person: It is under the act of 305. Persons who are below 18 years of age or insane people can be treated by this act for abetment of suicide.
  • Abetment of suicide: It is the act 306 and this act punishes a person who is going to commit suicide under any abetment.
  • Attempt to murder: Attempt to murder is punishable by the act of 307.
  • Infanticide: It is under the act 310 and it is applicable is a child under the age of 12 months is murdered by any person.
  • Causing miscarriage or exposure of infants or make injuries to unborn children: It falls under the 312 act and it is a punishable act.
  • Causing miscarriage without woman's consent: According to act 313, if a miscarriage is occurred without the consent of the pregnant mother, the person who is accused should be punished with life imprisonment.
  • Death caused by miscarriage: According to act 314, a death caused by intended miscarriage, is a punishable act.

According to Indian Penal code, there are many other Offences Affecting the Human Body that are also considered as punishable acts.