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Election Commissioner of India

Election Commissioner of India - an Introduction

Election Commissioners of India, headed by the Chief Election Commissioners, are the members of Election Commission of India. Election Commission of India is an autonomous permanent constitutional body that work towards conducting free and fair elections in order to choose the representative bodies of the country. Appointed by the President of India, there are two Election Commissioners of India, and there is Chief Election Commissioner to head them.

The Election Commissioners of India enjoy the same official status, salary and perks as the Judges of the Supreme Court of India. An Election Commissioner of India can occupy the chair for six years, or till the age of 65, whichever is earlier. According to the Constitution of India, the Chief Election Commissioner of India could only be removed from the office through impeachment by Parliament.

The Structure of Election Commission

The Election Commission of India consists of one Chief Election Commissioner of India, and two Election Commissioners of India. Though since the inception of the commission, there was only Chief Election Commissioner. In October, 1989, two election commissioners were appointed for a very short time till January, 1990, when they were removed. In 1991, the Parliament passed a new law to appoint 2 Election Commissioners again.

Responsibility of Election Commissioner of India

India is a Socialist, Secular, Democratic Republic and also the largest democracy in the world. Since its independence in 1947, India has seen free and fair elections held at regular intervals as per the Constitution and electoral laws. The Election Commission of India is the body to conduct free and fair polls for two houses of parliament and the state and union territory legislative assemblies. It also conduct the polls for the Presidency and Vice-Presidency. Election Commissioner of India work towards the smooth functioning of the commission.

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