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Friday, January 20, 2012 (21:10:26)
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Drug resistant TB? No way, says government

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New Delhi, jan 20: The government today denied reports that a drug resistant tuberculosis (TB) had surfaced in Mumbai.

A team of experts sent to Mumbai rejected the report, an official statement said.

"The reported cases by Hinduja hospital fall only within the category of Extensively Drug Resistant TB (XDR TB) based on standard WHO definitions and not at all as Totally Drug Resistant TB (TDR TB)," the statement said.

Doctors in Mumbai had said 12 patients had a "totally drug resistant" form of TB and three had died.

"Of the 12 patients, nine were traced and found to be stable on current treatment while three have died. Seven of the nine patients are residents of Mumbai," the health ministry said.(IANS)