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Modern Indian Culture

The culture of modern India has evolved many folds since the ancient ages. The history of India has played a significant role in shaping up the Indian culture. In the historical past, India has been invaded several times and this brought in a mix of cultures. The other factors that contributed towards shaping the culture of India are its unique geography and different religions. The modern Indian culture is a much evolved version of the ancient cultures in India. Also, the modern Indian culture has been profoundly influenced by the west.

Post independence, the culture of India began to evolve further to what we call the modern India culture. This can be seen clearly in its architecture, performing arts, food, clothing, and festivals.

Modern Indian Culture: Architecture

Post independence, two schools of architecture came in India. These were:

  • Revivalist
  • Modernist

The Revivalists continued the colonial legacy in their architecture and the Modernists were inspired by the European and American form of architecture. The contemporary Indian architecture could not blossom completely as several social problems beset it. Thus the foreign architects played a significant role and influenced the modern Indian architecture. The designing of Chandigarh city revolutionized the concept of architecture in the country, which formed the basis of the modern Indian architecture.

Modern Indian Culture: Music

The modern Indian music has been highly influenced by the western form of music. The modern Indian music comprises following types:

  • Remixes - where faster beats are blended into old tunes.
  • Fusion - where western music forms are combined with Indian classical music.
  • Film music -songs or instrumentals from films.
  • Indi pop- Indian version of the pop music from the west.

Modern Indian Culture: Theatre

Modern Indian theatres are not more limited to songs, dance, and dialogues but have much deeper connotation. Today the Indian theatres are portraying the picture of the practical society. The amalgamation of the multi-religious aspects and the multi-lingual aspects along with the incorporation of modern techniques and concepts has brought about newer developments in the theatrical culture of India.

Modern Indian Culture: Food

Today Indian cuisines are no more limited to the traditional Indian cuisines. The influence of westernization is prominent in the modern Indian platter as well. Food items like breads, pastas, noodles, cakes, pizzas and others such foods which were once unknown to this section of world, features prominently in the Indian kitchens today. The modern Indian cuisines pack in the traditional cuisines of India as well cuisines from other parts of the world. Over the years, newer and newer methods of cooking from different parts of the world have influenced the Indian cuisine. Vegetables like broccoli and bell pepper and fruits like cherries and strawberries which were unheard of in the ancient Indian kitchens are very much used today in Indian preparations.

Modern Indian Culture: Festivals

Some of the festivals of modern India are Diwali, Holi, Vijayadashami, Thai Pongal, Onam and Durga Puja. Besides, festivals like Bakr-Id, Eid ul-Fitr, Buddha Jayanti, Vaisakhi and Christmas also feature on the modern Indian festivals calendar.

Modern Indian Culture: Clothing

The modern Indian clothing reflects a blend of traditional and western culture. While shirts paired up with trousers or jeans are worn by majority of the Indian men, women in India are found to prefer salwar kameez, sarees and kurtis for clothes. Besides, Indian women also wear western outfits like shirts or tops paired with skirts, jeans, or trousers and other western dresses.