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Ancient Indian Clothes and Accessories

The rich cultural tradition of India gets reflected not only in its performing arts, literature, language and customs but also in the way people dress up themselves. Indian fashion has witnessed a great modification since the ancient period. The basics of Indian clothing remaining same, great western influences are seen in modern Indian dress designs. As far as the Ancient Indian clothes and accessories are concerned, dresses were not stitched together. Cotton clothes were mostly preferred. But affluent people also used silk clothing materials.

Ancient Indian Clothes and Accessories for Women

The women of ancient India mostly preferred sari. Both cotton and silk saris were in use. Saris were usually 5 to 9 yards in length. The women wore sari as a skirt with its upper portion around the shoulder. At times, sari was also tucked between the legs. This pattern of wearing sari has remained the same till date. Wearing of blouses with sari were also common in ancient India. The blouses were just fastened with a knot at the back. The Persian influences introduced the fashion of wearing Salwar Kameez came into existence. The women of ancient India also loved to wear a variety of accessories. Ancient India often associated Gold with luck. Thus, wearing of gold jewelry was very common in the ancient days. The ladies also used to decorate their hair. Make-up in the ancient days were not complete without the following cosmetics:

  • Kajal
  • Sindur
  • Bindi
  • Mehendi

Bindi and sindur were worn by the married ladies as the sign of marriage.

Ancient Indian Clothes and Accessories for Men

In Ancient India, men were comfortable in dhotis and kurtas. White dhotis were mostly preferred. Along with dhoti, men also decked up themselves in turbans. Like women, men of ancient India wore gold ornaments.