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National Insurance Co. Ltd.

National Insurance Co. Ltd. is one of the renowned car insurance companies in India. The company offers unique features to ensure complete safety and protection to your car. The owner of a car has legal relationship with his vehicle and he or she wants to safeguard its rights, interests and safety at any cost. Thus, the liability to protect the vehicle is left on an insurance company. National Insurance Co. Ltd. offers coverage in areas mentioned below:

  • Loss or damage by natural calamities
  • Loss or damage due to malicious designs
  • Liability to the third parties

Loss or damage by natural calamities

National Insurance Co. Ltd. provides protection against natural calamities like explosion, self-ignition, lighting, floods, fire, storm, hurricane, typhoon, frost, landslide or rockslide tempest, cyclone, inundation and hailstorm. Damage to a car against earthquake is also covered by National Insurance Co. Ltd. but the category only includes damage done by fire and shock caused by an earthquake.

Loss or damage due to malicious attempt

Damages to your car caused by malicious attempt of a person are also considered liable to be paid by National Insurance Co. Ltd. If your car suffers damage in a terrorist attack or it becomes a victim of other malicious attempts like theft, robbery and burglary, you will stand liable to be compensated by the company.

Liability to the third parties:

This plan provides insurance coverage to third parties in case of any accident. The company offers the insured person sums against his or her claim.