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Nestle Lactogen

Passing on the right nutrition to your baby is very important, and an integral part of baby care. While, breast feeding remains the most vital part of a baby's regular diet, there are certain supplements which should gradually be included in your baby's diet as he or she grows. For this you must keep in touch with your pediatrician on a regular basis and update your baby's food habits.

Today, there are a number of popular baby food brands available in the market and Nestle baby food happens to be one of the best baby brands. Lactogen is one of the baby food products by the same company. Nestle Lactogen uses a special formula for the babies which is easily digestible by them.


Nestle Lactogen is available in a set of packs of different quantities and types, each of which are meant for babies of different age groups. Lactogen is of two types - Lactogen 1 and Lactogen 2 and the quantities they are available in are as follows:

  • Nestle - Lactogen 1 - 1.8kgs
  • Nestle - Lactogen 1 - 400gms
  • Nestle - Lactogen 1 - 900gms
  • Nestle - Lactogen 2 - 1.8kgs
  • Nestle - Lactogen 2 - 400gms
  • Nestle - Lactogen 2 - 900gms

Nestle Lactogen Stage 1

Lactogen Stage 1 or Lactogen 1 is available in the powder form and is suitable for new born babies.

Nestle Lactogen Stage 2

Lactogen Stage 2 or Lactogen 2 is a follow up formula to Lactogen 1. This is also available in powder form. The contents are iron enriched and are recommended for babies of 6 months or more.


Lactogen is a pediatric food product which is advised to the nursing mothers and babies. It is considered equivalent to breast milk as it fulfills all the baby nutrition requirements.